Filley North

BR-3285(5), Gage County


Services Provided

  • Environmental-Permitting

  • Mitigation- Monitoring

  • Construction- Management

  • Materials Testing


Filley, Nebraska may be a small town of only 130 residents, but during harvest season it becomes a busy thoroughfare for traffic heading north on the only paved roadway between it and Adams, Nebraska. Due to increased safety standards and an aging bridge structure, it was proposed to regrade the roadway and replace the structure with brand new construction to ensure the continued use of this vital route for years to come.

The existing roadway center-line was shifted to the west, and the sharp curves to the north were softened to more gradual angles to increase traffic design speed and safety. Curb and gutter systems with concrete flumes were also incorporated to handle roadway drainage and lessen impact on adjacent landowners.
What made the proposed bridge construction so unique was that it had to be designed on a horizontal and vertical curve to match the proposed roadway alignment, with the deck being fully sloped to the inside of the curve.

Because the structure location was being shifted, Mud Creek had to be re-aligned to flow underneath the bridge properly. This required extensive channel bank shaping, and numerous trees had to be felled to get equipment to the creek. As per a compensatory mitigation agreement with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, approximately 167 shrubs and 81 large trees were replanted on along the channel banks, and the site was monitored for by MWA for 5 years as per normal mitigation requirements.