Beatrice Northwest

Hickory Road, Gage County


Services Provided

  • Roadway Design

  • Environmental Permitting

  • Construction Management

  • Materials Testing

  • Construction Staking


Koch Nitrogen runs a industrial plant approximately 5 miles off of HWY 77 in Gage County, Nebraska and is constantly seeing heavy truck traffic throughout the day. The roadway between the highway and the plant was a heavy gravel, and due to the constant traveling of vehicles, dust was becoming major issue to local agricultural business and landowners. Mainelli Wagner & Associates was hired to provide a solution that addressed these issues.
The project consisted of regrading and paving of approximately 5 miles of county roadway to modern safety standards, one existing bridge that was repaired and upgraded to modern guardrail, an existing box culvert was extended, and two bridge structures were completely redesigned and replaced as part of the project. The grading that was completed beforehand helped to improve existing roadway geometry and allowed for faster, but safer travel for the truck drivers, while solving the dust hazard for local homeowners. This project also laid the groundwork for future development due to improved roadway conditions, and other industrial operations in the area.

Completion of the project has shown how beneficial this type of project can be to the area, and the companies that invest in updated and modern infrastructure.

Project Awards
2016 Award of Merit for Concrete Pavement Construction from the Nebraska Concrete Paving Association