Interstate 80 (i-80)

District 5, State of nebraska


Services Provided

  • Construction Management

  • Materials Testing


In 1974, Nebraska became the first State to complete its mainline paving of the brand new Interstate 80 system. The roadway stretches 455 miles east to west from Omaha to the Wyoming border, and is the most heavily traveled roadway in the State. Over the years, roadway safety standards have evolved, and the State of Nebraska has continually taken steps to ensure continued driver safety while updating and improving the major roadways that are so heavily relied upon.

Currently, the N.D.O.T. is in the process of repairing and replacing roadway and bridge structures along Interstate 80 from the border shared with Wyoming, east for approximately 150 miles. The State has been improving areas that are 5 - 8 miles in length , taking approximately 2 years to complete each section ( 1 year per direction).

No private consultant in the State of Nebraska had previously been contracted to perform construction management for the entirety of a section of interstate, but due to a heavy workload on the state employees at the time, private consultants were allowed to provide proposals to the N.D.O.T. for providing management services of the next portion of the project. Mainelli Wagner was honored with the privilege of being selected by the State.

MWA provided materials testing services, oversaw the widening of multiple bridge and box structures, and provided onsite management for the paving and phasing of the interstate mainline. Several off-ramp reconstructions and a historical information overlook was rehabilitated as well.

Project Awards
This project was the recipient of the National Concrete Pavement Association Award of Merit in Concrete Pavement Construction for the “Best Interstate and Expressway Project” of 2017