Rose Southwest

C005800205, Loup County


Services Provided

  • Construction Management

  • Structure Design

  • Environmental Permitting

  • Materials Testing


The County Bridge Match Program (CBMP) was started by the State of Nebraska in 2016 to give counties the opportunity to receive accelerated funding for high priority and vital structure replacements. Some of these counties do not normally have access to the funding necessary to complete more costly projects, and have to choose between closing the structure, or postponing its replacement, sometimes for years. Loup County submitted this structure for the second round of the CBMP selection in 2018 and received the necessary funds to move forward with this replacement project.

This bridge is located on the County Line shared with Rock County and the area has few local through roadways, so keeping every one of them open for the traveling public is vital. Detours can run anywhere from 5-20 miles at a minimum, and the closure of this structure would have been detrimental the local population.

Along with the replacement of the bridge structure, the Calamus River had been scouring away the channel banks to the southeast, and was in danger of encroaching on the roadway itself. To prevent any further damage, a sheet pile and rock riprap stabilization design was utilized to armor the bank and prevent the river from migrating closer to the roadway.